Systems & Solutions


Bridge Construction



Utracon is a leading post-tensioning contractor in both building and civil engineering structure construction.

With in house design, fabrication and construction capabilities, we are in a good position to understand our customers challenges and requirements.

By applying our engineering know-how, we provide safe, efficient and competitive solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers.

We provide engineering advice and supply and installation services for bridge erection techniques, precasting, geometry control, etc.



SystemForm & Falsework


Heavy Lifting & Sliding




Repair & Strengthening



  • Heavy duty support frames
  • Jump form
  • Form traveler
  • Heavy duty props

  • Hydraulic lifting system
  • Rail sliding system

  • Design and shop drawings
  • On site and off site precasting
  • Installation of precast components

  • FRP
  • External PT
  • General concrete repair
  • Underpinning

  • DSI products
  • UPS products